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Eriman's Pyre Hawezar Strongholds


A Stronghold located in the northwest corner of Hawezar.


  1. Speak with the Spirit of the Pyre - interact with the burning man on the pyre.
  2. Slay the fallen overseer -spawns at the end of the RP voice lines.
  3. Retrieve the Villager’s Remains and use them to extinguish Erimans’ flames - You do this by right clicking on the Fiery Focus near the pyre, which open up pathways to various corners of the Stronghold. You can only activate one at a time. Go into that newly unlocked region by following the fire line from the Focus, kill the enemies, then find the Village’s ashes that typically drop from the elite in that area.
  4. Slay Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane. This is a "Resurrected Malice" iconResurrected Malice type boss enemy. Dodge the ground AoEs and fireballs as best you can.

Once the steps are done, click the town bell, and complete the Stronghold. Doing so will unlock the "Oblivion" iconOblivion dungeon, which awards the "Aspect of Shared Misery" iconAspect of Shared Misery legendary aspect.

Detailed Location

  • Just next to the Cinder Wastes in Hawezar.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 14204 Y: 12873
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