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Oblivion Hawezar Dungeon

In-Game Description

The demons of "Eriman's Pyre" iconEriman’s Pyre fled to this crumbling prison.


  • Slay all the enemies in the Passage of Enmity
  • Travel to the Marooned Confinement
  • Free the Prisoners (6)
  • Slay the "Warden" iconWarden of Anguish and collect the Ritual Pens key
  • Open the Ritual Pens Door
  • Destroy the "Fallen" iconFallen Idols


Oblivion certainly feels like a Godforsaken place when you enter it. It’s prison walls and burning structures let you know immediately that you are going to be for a demonic ride here, and you couldn’t be more correct. "Fallen" iconFallen, "Fallen Shaman" iconFallen Shamans and Fallen Overseers populate this place in abundance and you have a few longer mini-quests than normal to go through before you get your hands on the "Aspect of Shared Misery" iconAspect of Shared Misery.

The dungeon starts with the objective of slaying all the enemies in it’s opening location - the Passage of Enmity. Nothing too complex then, just move around looking for the red dots on the map that signify a bad guy.

All the enemies in Oblivion are exclusively demons or ghosts with a few Elite buffed versions of each for good measure.

Once you are sure they are all dead you can move on to the Marooned Confinement where you must locate and free six prisoners. These are all held in cages and not all of them have survived their ordeal, but at least you can lay their souls to rest as the next best thing.

When all the prisoners are free or laid to rest you must find and slay the Warden of Anguish. On defeating him, he will drop a key to the Ritual Pens and you can move on to the final section of this long underground quest.

Now there are three Fallen Idols to locate and destroy and each will be heavily guarded by grunts and Elites. The Idols are the Idol of the Imp, the !Idol of the Shaman and the Idol of the Overseer.

On destroying the third one - it doesn’t matter in which order you do them - the dungeon will be yours.


Detailed Location

The nearest fast travel point is "The Tree of Whispers Waypoint" iconThe Tree of Whispers Waypoint and you can then travel West from there to Oblivion.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 14017 Y: 12591
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