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Casino Connoisseur

Awarded for attaining 10 casino-related accolades.

There are two casinos in the game, one at Puerto Valor and another at Octagonia. The only difference between them is that Octagonia has roulette and Puerto Valor has poker, while they share the same types of slots. To unlock this trophy/achievement, you will need to get 10 accolades related to the casinos. Since there is a quest to get a jackpot at the casino, that should take care of four of the accolades, with the roulette being the easiest way at getting a jackpot (3 for tokens and 1 for roulette). For the others, you can simply get the ones pertaining to playing the other games. You can auto-play 100 spins per session at the Slime Quest slots and it’s possible you might get some of the other accolades from that. You should also be able to get three from just playing the normal slots.

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