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Ultimate Enlightenment

Awarded for overcoming every challenge that the Wheel of Harma has to offer.

The Wheel of Harma is a side thing that unlocks in Angri-La as you progress through the main story. It consists of five sets of battles, in which you will need to fight a series of battles. The challenging thing about the Wheel of Harma is that you have to pick and choose which characters participate in each round, so you don’t have your full four-persons party for each battle. Also, each of the trials will reward you if you finish the entire thing in under a set number of actions, although you don’t need to do that for this trophy/achievement. However, it’s a good idea to do all of those, as some of the rewards are recipes that are needed for Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

It is best to wait until you’re near the end of the game to do all of the trials here, since the last two can be quite challenging. It also helps to be level 99 with all of your party members before tackling them, although it isn’t needed for some of the earlier ones. If you wish to see some strategies for each trial, visit that section of the walkthrough for more tips. Note that in the Definitive Edition, there is a Secret Trial available, but that isn’t needed at all for this. You will unlock the trophy/achievement after completing the Final Trial.

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