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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Quinn Recruitment Guide

Shane Williams

There are 120 recruitable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and they are typically obtained naturally throughout the main story, but some will require you to seek them out on your own. There are some that even require you to do something extra, which is the case with Quinn. She’ll ask you to assist her in taking down a fiend in the Den of the Dunes.

Nowa and Quinn set out to hunt down the Oyamatsumi!

Quinn Location

Head over to the northern portion of Impershi’arc to first encounter Quinn and then make your way over to the eastern side and she’ll request to join the team. At this point you’ll be automatically transported to the Den of the Dunes.

Den of the Dunes Chests

The Den of the Dunes dungeon is a fairly open dungeon and isn’t overly long, but there are still eight chests to track down and the table below will show you what you can obtain from them.

Finding The Oyamatsumi

The main objective of this dungeon is to track down the Oyamatsumi which can be done by approaching the various burrows until it appears. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to face the final form of the Oyamatsumi until it’s body is fully exposed and this is done by encountering it multiple times throughout the dungeon. We recommend that you avoid wasting your MP on the basic versions and just use basic attacks as they don’t have much HP.

(1 of 2) Oyamatsumi Desert Horn Attack

Oyamatsumi Desert Horn Attack (left), Oyamatsumi Calamity Pillar Attack. (right)

You’ll most likely eventually face the Oyamatsumi in the northeast corner of the area. It has 5,541 HP on Normal Difficulty, so you’ll want to use basic attacks until you have enough SP to perform any moderate to heavy hitting Hero Combos that focus on one enemy or if you have any Water based-spells equipped, then you’ll want to use these to hit it’s elemental weakness. However, it has some attacks up its sleeve that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Calamity Pillar is one of the most common attacks it’ll use and it involves it dealing 30-40 damage to anyone in your party that is directly in front of it. It also has a chance to use this twice in quick succession, so you’ll want to make sure you take the time to heal up afterward. It can also use Desert Horn where it’ll go underground and deal 150+ damage to one of your teammates. Oyamatsumi will typically combine both Desert Horn and Calamity Pillar every turn, so have your healer at the ready!

Den of the Dune Chests Locations

Den of the Dunes Chest Locations.

To begin, head over to the westernmost point of the lower island to find the first chest which contains a Rune of Ground Shatter, then the second chest which contains a Beetle Headgear can be found by heading southwest from here. You’ll now want to head over to the easternmost point of the lower island to find the third chest that houses a Monster Attract Charm, then interact with the nearby plant to be transported over to the mid-section of the dungeon and open the chest for the Faded Book, Chapter 16

Now you’ll want to interact with the plant on the right side of this area to be transported over to a small area that is holding another chest that contains a Brown Symbol. Return to the mid-section and interact with the plant on the left side and open the chest for the Avocado Sushi Recipe, then interact with the plant sitting against the back wall to be thrown up onto a ledge to find a chest that contains a Rune of Prevention.

(1 of 2) Interact with the plant

Interact with the plant (left), to reach the certain chests. (right)

Finally, head back to the main island and make your way over to the western side of the upper portion of the map to find the last chest that contains a Rune of Enchantment.

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