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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Shi'arcraft Racing

Jessica Dillon

One of Eiyuden Chronicle‘s many mini-games is Shi’arcraft racing, and is a main focus in this part of the story. You will need to use Nowa to control a Shi’arcraft and win a race within the time limit. This can feel daunting at first as the controls are a bit slippery, and if you don’t use your dash, you won’t be able to make good time on the course. The guide below goes over how to beat both Shi’arcraft races.

Nowa will be tasked with racing a Shi’arcraft to earn the Shi’arc’s alliance.

Controlling the Shi’arcraft

You will want to head down the stairs to find Yuferius on the right side of town. He will take you to a ship, and you can decide whether you want to start your training or look around town more first. This is a mini-game segment, and it’s not all that hard to beat, your goal is to simply beat the target time and collect souls. These are blue floating lights along the race track and each one you collect will charge up your dash bar. Using dashes on straights can help you to get a better time and win the race. Be sure to go over the metal conveyor belts between dashes for extra speed.

(1 of 5) Speak with Yuferius on the right side of town to start the practice race.

There are also green gates that you should pass through, missing one will cause you a three-second penalty. Use the platforms in the course to get more speed, and avoid tornadoes to keep from getting slowed down. You can break if you are about to miss a gate or hit the tornado. Overall, the controls are a bit slippery, but the game makes it easy to complete the practice round within the time limit.

Winning The Shi’arcraft Race

Head to the inn to rest before the big race, it’s located on the right side of town. Once you rest, the actual race will start once you tell Yuferius that you’re ready to go. This is the same course you raced in the practice session, and you just need to beat your practice time to win. There are no extra obstacles or racers on the field for you to worry about. Upon victory, Skyd will now agree to lend the party their aid in the war against the Empire. Skyd and Yuferius will also join your party, and you will obtain the Golden Scale Armor.

(1 of 2) You just need to beat your practice time to win the main race.

You just need to beat your practice time to win the main race. (left), Be sure to recruit Scarlet before teleporting back to HQ. (right)

Yuferius will fight in your main party using a hammer, while Skyd will be at your base. You will now need to head back to HQ, so speak with Scarlet at the port before you use Carrie to teleport. He will give you the option of racing him again with the agreement that he will join your party if you beat him. Once you’re in Dabavin be sure to fight and win against Reyna to get her to join your party, as she’s a great defensive unit. You will be heading back to base and into the Great Hall to report to your allies about your success. If you haven’t already completed Seign’s part, you will now switch over to the other group. If this is already completed, then the next part of the story will unlock for you.

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