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Recusant Bernahl Invaders


"Recusant Bernahl" iconRecusant Bernahl is an Invader in Elden Ring and can be encountered if you’ve progressed "Knight Bernahl" iconKnight Bernahl’s Quest to the final step.

Notable Info

Be sure to pull Bernahl back as there is an ambush of Beastman in the room behind him. Bernahl will deal a lot of damage with all of his attacks and he has an Ash of War that can hit a large area so take it slow, don’t get greedy with hits and you’ll eventually wear him down. Once he’s defeated, you’ll obtain the "Blasphemous Claw" iconBlasphemous Claw, "Devourer's Scepter" iconDevourer’s Scepter, and the "Beast Champion Set" iconBeast Champion Set.

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