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Cait Companions


"Cait" iconCait is a companion character in Fallout 4, dwelling in the Commonwealth as a cage fighter.

Background / History

"Cait" iconCait’s early life was marred by emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her parents. Sold into slavery at the age of eighteen, she endured five years of torment before buying her freedom with stolen caps. Seeking revenge, she tracked down her parents and executed them. Despite her freedom, Cait struggled with her past, turning to alcohol and chems for solace. Eventually, she found herself as a cage fighter at the Combat Zone, where she wrestled with her inner demons while battling opponents.


Combat Zone

Combat & Utility Summary

"Cait" iconCait specializes in melee and shotguns, with her true utility lying in her ability to pick locks. While her combat prowess may not stand out, Cait’s lockpicking skill proves valuable in navigating the wasteland. Her affinity perk, Trigger Rush, allows for 25% faster AP regeneration when the player’s health falls below 25%.


Complete The Combat Zone

Personal Quest

Benign Intervention


Trigger Rush






  • Some bugs include "Cait" iconCait’s quest not triggering properly, her collapsing randomly during dialogue, and occasional issues with ordering her to pick locks.

Interactions with the Player Character

Upon clearing the Combat Zone, "Cait" iconCait becomes available as a companion. She possesses the unique ability to pick locks of any difficulty, akin to the Locksmith perk. Gaining maximum affinity with Cait grants the Trigger Rush perk, offering temporary AP regeneration when the player character’s health drops below 25%.

Cait will actively use chems in her inventory, including Psycho and Jet, and may react negatively if the player character uses chems themselves after helping her to cure her Psycho addiction. She appreciates hard alcoholic beverages and will comment on various locations and quests.

Notable Quotes/Dialogue

"Cait" iconCait is known for her flirtatious and affectionate banter, teasing the player character with comments about snogging and sleeping.


"Cait" iconCait presents a tough facade but harbors deep emotional scars from her abusive past. She struggles with trust, relying only on trade relationships and indulging in chems and alcohol to numb her pain. Despite her hardships, Cait refuses to give up, seeking redemption and a glimmer of humanity amidst the darkness.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8396 Y: 7544
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