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Bloodworm Larva Bloodworms


They behave just like Mole Rats, burrowing into the ground and surprising the player by leaping at them at a moment’s notice. Unlike mole rats, however, some blood worms lurk inside of Brahmin corpses and will burst out when approached.


Like other Bloodworms, the Bloodworm Larva is exclusively found in the harsh deserts of Nuka-World. Some are guaranteed to spawn at "Dry Rock Gulch" iconDry Rock Gulch.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Nuka-World Map

X: 7299 Y: 6429
Marker screenshot

2. Nuka-World Map

X: 7097 Y: 6367
Marker screenshot

3. Nuka-World Map

X: 7163 Y: 6320

Inside a dead Brahmiluff in the area with a waterfall.

Marker screenshot

4. Nuka-World Map

X: 7065 Y: 6272

Lurking inside the various bloated corpses in the "Bloodworm Queen" iconBloodworm Queen’s arena.

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