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Evan's home Camps (Small)


"Evan's home" iconEvan’s home is a solitary trailer located on the southern border of the Nuka-World exterior. It comprises a modest structure elevated on stilts with a roof deck offering a panoramic view of the surroundings.


The trailer features a basic interior with a set of shelves containing building materials available for the taking. Additionally, there’s a cooking stove and a bed for basic living needs. Beneath the trailer is an Expert-locked wooden crate, possibly containing valuable items.

Notable Loot

  • Nuka-Love recipe: Obtained from Evan upon interaction.
  • Nuka-Cola Dark and Nuka-Cola Wild: Found near the campfire, offering refreshment for travelers.


Designed by level designers Bryan Brigner and Ryan Jenkins.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Nuka-World Map

X: 7972 Y: 11922
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