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Far Cry 4
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 18-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:27 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 12:11 GMT

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Trophy/Achievement Guide

Trophies/Achievements Guide, Part 2

Trophy/Achievement Description
Exorcist Remove or destroy 15 Masks of Yalung (Campaign only).
Rewriting History Remove 30 Propaganda Posters (Campaign only).
Caretaker of Memory Find 10 Lost Letters (Campaign only).
Right Tributes Spin 10 Mani Wheels (Campaign only).

The Rarest Game

Once you progress enough into the main story, you will see an icon on your map that resembles an elephant’s head. Going here will introduce you to Mumu Chiffon, as well as unlock Kyrat Fashion Week quests as you liberate certain outposts. These quests will have you going after rare versions of the animals in the game, that when skinned, will give you a hide or skin that will enable you to get the last of the upgrades to your equipment.


Well Read

Throughout Kyrat will be pieces of paper that you can read by interacting with them, which will be about anywhere and everywhere. They’re not really important, although they do add some extra flavor text to the game’s world. You need to read 10 of these notes and you can keep track of how many notes you have read by going to the Progress tab in your status area.


Quick Learner & Fully Loaded

As you perform almost any kind of action in the game, you will earn XP and for every 2,000 XP you get, you will acquire a skill point. You can use these SP to buy skills that will make you stronger and let you do more actions. To get Fully Loaded, you have to buy every single skill, including all 10 levels of the four in The Elephant tree.

That means you’ll have to get a total of 128 skill points, which will equal 256,000 XP. One of the better ways to get more XP is by liberating outposts undetected, which will net you 1500 for each one (36000 XP for all 24). However, there is a way to get 1,750 XP in around a minute or so, but you’re going to need Death From Above and the Heavy Takedown skills.

Once you do have them both, complete the main story and then head to Pagan’s fortress. There will be a Heavy straight ahead, as well as one up the stairs to the left of the main gate. Use a Takedown on the latter first, then shoot the soldier on top of the building close to the other Heavy. When you’ve done that, you should be able to do a Death From Above on the first Heavy you saw when you entered. Then, let the enemies kill you and repeat.


Tricked Out

You will run across many different animals as you wander around Kyrat and upon killing them with anything but explosives or flames, you will be able to skin them. These skins can be used to craft upgrades for your equipment, enabling you to use more guns at once or increasing carrying capacity for your wallet, ammo and more.

Crafting five upgrades shouldn’t take long, as killing animals with a bow or with knives will net you double skins. The easiest ones to go for after the first Weapon Holster (3 Tibetan Wolf), first Wallet (2 Bharal/Goat), first Loot Bag (2 Sambar/Deer), first Syringe Kit (2 Wild Boar) and Ammo Bag (2 Wild Boar). Using arrows/knives, you’ll only need to kill a total of six animals.


Dr. Feelgood

Animal skins are used to craft upgrades, but plants are used to craft syringes, and you’ll need to make 15 syringes in order to get this. You start out the game only being able to make healing syringes, which require two Green Leaves, as well as only being able to carry up to three syringes of any type. All the other syringes have to be unlocked by buying their respective skills.

The most useful of them is the Hunting Syringe, as it will tag all enemies up to a certain range, and it requires one Blue Leaf and one Red Leaf. This will also get you the Harvester skill, which will allow you to get two leaves every time you pick one. To craft the non-healing syringes, bring up your weapon wheel and press the button that’s next to the syringe symbol to show the syringes.


Make It Rain

Money is probably not something you will need to worry about getting in Far Cry 4, as you seem to find plenty of it from doing missions, looting enemies and even getting it from the loot chests. That’s why spending 500,000 Rupees at the Trading Posts won’t be too much trouble, especially since you’ll likely be spending money on refilling ammo. Remember that both the cabinets inside of safehouses and the wandering traders count towards this.



Every gun in the game, barring the Signature Weapons, will have the ability to place attachments on them, as well as get some paint jobs. A good portion of the basic weapons, like the AK47, don’t have any attachments to buy and will only require the paint jobs. To buy all of the paint jobs for the AK47, you’ll need a total of 200,000 Rupees.



Before you can go for this, you will need to buy the skill that will allow you to ride elephants, which will be available from the beginning of the game, costing 2 skill points. There’s many places in the game where you can find an elephant roaming around and they have two attacks, both of which will one-hit kill enemies. One way to get this is to just roam around and just kill enemies when they show up.

The other way is to go to the Shanath Breeders outpost, where you’ll find an elephant being held there. If you have taken over the outpost, you can use the Outpost Master option to replay it and just keep killing enemies over and over until you get the achievement/trophy.


Quad Kill

There’s two options you can do in regards to killing four enemies at once with a single explosion, with specific locations (you might not need to do either). The first involves the Pagan’s Wrath convoys, which are random occurrences. You will know one has spawned and if you look at the map, plot its course and plant a C4 in its path. When the convoy has the C4 between two vehicles, detonate the C4.

The other method involves going to Paul’s fortress, Varshakot, and purposefully make reinforcements come, one of which will be a helicopter that’s carrying four people. So, you will want to use a RPG to shoot down the helicopter that comes.



As with Far Cry 3, you have the ability to toss rocks to distract enemies and lure them to other areas. You have unlimited rocks, so there’s no need to worry about running out. Now, you will need to fully distract 15 different enemies in order to get this.

What this means is that when you throw the rock and the enemy comes to inspect it, he will stop, look around and then start walking back to his original location. When he starts going back to his original location is when the game will count it towards the fifteen required for the achievement/trophy.



You learn how to use the camera in the very beginning of the game and it’s easily one of your most important tools. It lets you tag enemies, marking them and letting you know where they are on your mini-map, as well as seeing them through walls and other obstacles. Do this with 25 different enemies, which should happen naturally and probably not far into the game, to get this.


Reign of Death

Mortars, similar to emplaced machine guns, can be found throughout Kyrat and can be used to launch explosive rounds onto enemies. It might be likely that you don’t even use one while going through the story, but there is one place where it’ll make killing 30 enemies with one much easier.

Go to the Pranijagat School outpost in the southern section of Kyrat and you’ll find a mortar there in the middle of the outpost. Draw the attention of the enemies and make them call in reinforcements, although kill as many of the ones already there before the reinforcements come. Then you can kill the enemies that come with the mortar, take the outpost and use Outpost Master to do it over until you get the achievement/trophy.


From A Distance

While you can get this with any bow, it’s best to use the Recurve Bow and purchase the Marksman Sight for it. Now, you want to find a spot where an enemy will be standing still, so you can mark that place on the map. Then, you can simply move away from that spot on the map until you get to 60m or more. You will need to compensate a little bit for the arrow dropping.


Two Birds

The only problem with killing two enemies with a single shot from a sniper rifle is finding two enemies that are that close to each other. The good thing is that there’s at least two spots where you can get this easily, with one being a main story mission. In Free Willis, when Willis is meeting with the commander at the airport, he will give the signal for you to open fire. If you wait, you will see that the commander will be standing right in front of one of his allies.

If you’ve passed that mission, then there’s another opportunity for you at the Pranijagat School outpost. Use the Outpost Master mission inside if you’ve already liberated it, as there will be two enemies standing right next to each other inside. The Z93 sniper rifle will make it so you don’t have to aim for a headshot on both targets.


The Sky Is Falling

Before going after this trophy/achievement, you’ll need to have purchased the Vehicle Takedown skill, which requires you to have finished one Kyrati Films: Racing activity. You will need actually perform a Takedown from the Buzzer itself and not something like a Death From Above Takedown. You can find a Buzzer at a few set locations, such as the airport or either of the southern fortresses after you’ve conquered them.

You’ll have to get close enough to either side of the enemy vehicle driving until you get a prompt to perform the Takedown. This can easily be done on a Cargo Truck, as that vehicle does not stop and will continually drive. Other enemy vehicles may stop, with the driver getting out to shoot at you.


Flame On!

There’s only a few weapons in your inventory that can deliver fire damage, with them being the flamethrower, Molotov Cocktails and fire arrows. The flamethrower is probably the best option to use for this trophy/achievement, as you have plenty of ammo and can let out a constant stream of fire. From the Karma Events and replaying outposts, you should be able to easily get this without a problem.



One of the new things in Far Cry 4 is the ability to shoot while driving a vehicle and you will need to kill 25 enemies while doing just that. You’re limited to sidearms while driving, so pick something that’s powerful, like the grenade launcher. You don’t need to actually be moving while you shoot and kill enemies, as long as you’re in the driver’s seat while doing it.


The Good Fight

Karma is a new thing introduced with Far Cry 4, which is split up into eight different levels. You can earn Karma in a few ways, such as the random Karma Events (purple diamond), killing animals cleanly (knife or arrow), finding and spinning Mani Wheels and even as bonuses for completing a certain number of side missions or finding collectibles (like finding 3 Masks of Yalung).

To reach Karma level 2, you will need to acquire 2200 Karma. Once you do that, go to any store you can access and you will see a Guns for Hire upgrade under the Items tab. The cheapest one will set you back 50,000 Rupees.


Like A Bird

At some point in the main story, you will gain access to the Wingsuit, which will allow you to slow down your descent while in the air. The soonest you can actually get it is after the Sermon on the Mount mission, where you can find it right outside of Longinus’ tent upon completing the mission. You will actually use the Wingsuit a few times during missions, but it likely won’t be enough to get a total of 5000m.

Should you happen to be missing some mileage, a good spot to launch from to get it would be the cliffs surrounding your parents’ home. There’s a spot behind Yogi and Reggie’s tent, as well as the ledge where the glider is located.



You will need to run over 25 enemies with a vehicle in order to get this. One of the best methods in doing this is by just driving around and looking for Karma Events, as one of them will have four enemies standing out in the open (the kill a commander one). Also, you may just happen upon random enemies in the middle of the road at times.


The People’s Champ

Upon completing The Mouth of Madness, you will unlock the Arena for use, which is located at Shanath on your map. You can speak to a lady there to enter the Arena, where you have a few choices. There’s three types of battles in the Arena to choose from, which are Battles, Endless and Weapon Challenges.

It doesn’t matter which you choose, as you will face waves of enemies and always rank up, whether you win or lose. With Battles and Weapon Challenges, the waves will end at some point, though. If you link your UPlay account with the Far Cry 4 Arena Master app, then the stuff you do on there will also help with your Arena level.


Renaissance Man

On the main menu, you’ll see some options on the right side, one of which is Battles of Kyrat, the game’s multiplayer mode. Choose that and then Public Match, as you won’t be able to get it in a Private Match. There are three modes that you can play in Battles of Kyrat, which are named Outpost, Demon Mask and Propaganda. Finish a match of each type and that’s all you have to do.


Community Surprise

On the main menu, you’ll see some options on the right side, one of which is Map Browser. Choose that and you can either pick a Top Rated map yourself or just do Quick Play Top Rated. Once you’ve chosen your map and it has downloaded, play it to completion and you’ll get this trophy/achievement.


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