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Yorda Quest Givers


"Yorda" iconYorda is a cheerful and adventurous young woman who plays a role in the activities and quests available in Costa Del Sol. With a penchant for outdoor activities and exploration, Yorda enjoys spending time in the natural beauty of the island, often organizing dates and adventures for herself and others.

Yorda’s quest involves completing various activities and tasks on the island, including a mini-game involving lobbing balls into nets and collecting shells on Clamshell Beach. The completion of these tasks leads to rewards such as the Art of Swordplay Vol. II and SP for Cloud, along with experience points and party experience.

Where to Find / Location

To engage with "Yorda" iconYorda, players must meet her by the Chocobo Stables in Costa Del Sol. From there, she provides the player with a Rent-a-Bird membership, granting access to Chocobos in the region. Additionally, she assigns the player a task to collect shells from Clamshell Beach, initiating a beachcombing adventure.

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