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Master of Mimicry

Learn all enemy skills.

This is one of the later Trophies you’ll earn, despite there only being four Enemy Skills to learn. In order to learn Enemy Skills, you’ll need to set the Enemy Skill Materia and then wait for a specific enemy to use said skill in battle with the Luck stat increasing the probability. The final skill can only be learned from an enemy that is available on Hard Mode only.

Enemy Skill Description Enemy Location
Algid Aura Imbue with a magical aura that deals ice damage on contact. Cerulean Drake Train Graveyard, Start of Chapter 15
Self-Destruct Deals a large amount of damage to enemies in the surrounding area while incapacitating self. Bomb, Smogger, Varghidpolis Shinra Combat Sim: vs Team Ragbag, vs Monsters of Legend
Spirit Siphon Drain HP from surrounding enemies. Phantom Shinra Combat Sim: vs SOLDIER Trainees
Bad Breath Inflict poison, silence, and sleep. Malboro Shinra Combat Sim: vs Monsters of Legend
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