Staggering Feat

Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

Getting an enemy’s Stagger damage to 300% is no easy feat, as it takes an enemy that remains Staggered for an incredible amount of time and has the HP to endure the attacks necessary to boost Stagger damage that high. Fat Chocobo is the ideal target for this, and Tifa is the character you’ll want to carry it out. After you beat the game and unlock Chapter Select, start Chapter 13 in Hard difficulty and talk to Chadley, where you’ll be able to start the Fat Chocobo VR Mission. Make sure somebody has Haste Materia equipped and start the fight as normal, Haste Tifa, and when Fat Chocobo becomes Staggered, have Tifa spam “Rise and Fall” and “Omnistrike”, as each attack will increase Fat Chocobo’s Stagger damage %. Aerith’s “Ray of Judgment” will also drive up Stagger damage %, but to be able to use her you’ll have to use Chapter Select to go to Chapter 17, instead. With any luck you’ll reach the target 300% Stagger damage, and pop this trophy.


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