The Johnny Experience

Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

The goal of this trophy “Witness all Johnny-related incidents” is somewhat ambiguous, but it mostly revolves around completing a “Discovery Event” and two side quests. This can be completed in one playthrough, but the Vagabond Johnny Discover Event in Chapter 9 is missable, as is the side quest The Party Never Stops in the same chapter as well as Tomboy Bandit in Chapter 14.

The actions you’ll need to take to unlock this trophy are as follows:

Event Description
Chapter 3 - Shinra Interrogation After completing at least one side quest, head over to the crowd near Seventh Heaven to witness a scene involving Johnny. Follow him and defeat the Shinra Troopers. This is part of the main story and can’t be missed.
Chapter 9 - Vagabond Johnny Immediately after entering Wall Market, head towards Corneo’s Mansion and Johnny should run past you. Follow him to the Honeybee Inn and say whatever you wish to him.
Chapter 9 - The Party Never Stops Complete the quest The Party Never Stops.
Chapter 14 - Tomboy Bandit Complete the quest Tomboy Bandit. Be sure to give Johnny his wallet back after the quest.

(1 of 3) In Chapter 3 you'll need to rescue Johnny.


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