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The Eye of the Tempest The Holy Empire of Sanbreque

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A raging vortex born upon "Benedikta Harman" iconBenedikta Harman’s descent into madness and loss of control over her "Eikon" iconEikon, "Garuda" iconGaruda. Its power is such that not only are entire villages swept up by its passing, but the very ground beneath it is gouged and disfigured.

"Garuda" iconGaruda Fallen

Here once did rage a storm born of a "Dominant" iconDominant’s madness—a storm within which the "Eikon" iconEikons "Garuda" iconGaruda and "Ifrit" iconIfrit clashed…and from which only one would emerge. Their struggle saw the landscape razed as holts, farms, and villages that had stood for ages were in but mere moments struck from existence. Now all that remains is a blackened waste somehow even more lifeless than the blighted deadlands.

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"Garuda" iconGaruda Eikons

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The Holy Empire of Sanbreque
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