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Diamant Brodia

Basic Info

The majestic crown prince of Brodia. His people trust him greatly for his strong, genuine demeanor.

Growth Rates

Stat Base Growth Rate Max Stat
HP 32 75 0
Str 13 30 2
Mag 3 15 -1
Dex 13 20 -1
Spd 13 40 0
Lck 10 20 0
Def 10 40 2
Res 6 25 -1
Bld 9 15

Initial Class

"Fair Fight" iconFair Fight Personal
"Lord (Sword)" iconLord (Sword) Backup

Exclusive Classes

"Lord (Sword)" iconLord (Sword) Backup
"Successeur" iconSuccesseur Backup

Innate Proficiencies


Normal Proficiencies


Support Partners

"Framme" iconFramme Lythos
"Alfred" iconAlfred Firene
"Amber" iconAmber Brodia
"Jade" iconJade Brodia
"Alcryst" iconAlcryst Brodia
"Citrinne" iconCitrinne Brodia
"Ivy" iconIvy Elusia
"Kagetsu" iconKagetsu Elusia
"Timerra" iconTimerra Solm
"Saphir" iconSaphir Brodia
"Veyle" iconVeyle Unaffiliated

Favorite Gifts

"Dried Meat" iconDried Meat Gifts
"Training Weight" iconTraining Weight Gifts
"Muscle Balm" iconMuscle Balm Gifts
"Sharp Chisel" iconSharp Chisel Gifts
"Philosophy Book" iconPhilosophy Book Gifts
"Elyos History" iconElyos History Gifts
"Fishing Bait" iconFishing Bait Gifts
"Utility Knife" iconUtility Knife Gifts
"Fine Quill Pen" iconFine Quill Pen Gifts
"Fancy Dagger" iconFancy Dagger Gifts
"Bandages" iconBandages Gifts
"Spirit Gem" iconSpirit Gem Gifts
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