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Timerra Solm

Basic Info

The bubbly and outgoing crown princess of Solm. Known for being accessible and approachable by all.

Growth Rates

Stat Base Growth Rate Max Stat
HP 35 55 0
Str 14 25 -1
Mag 6 25 -1
Dex 17 45 3
Spd 18 45 0
Lck 10 30 1
Def 16 30 2
Res 8 30 -3
Bld 5 10

Initial Class

Exclusive Classes

"Picket" iconPicket Backup

Innate Proficiencies


Support Partners

"Framme" iconFramme Lythos
"Alfred" iconAlfred Firene
"Diamant" iconDiamant Brodia
"Jade" iconJade Brodia
"Ivy" iconIvy Elusia
"Merrin" iconMerrin Solm
"Panette" iconPanette Solm
"Fogado" iconFogado Solm
"Anna" iconAnna Elusia
"Seadall" iconSeadall Solm
"Mauvier" iconMauvier Unaffiliated

Favorite Gifts

"Dried Meat" iconDried Meat Gifts
"Animal Treats" iconAnimal Treats Gifts
"Strong Perfume" iconStrong Perfume Gifts
"Butterfly Net" iconButterfly Net Gifts
"Horn" iconHorn Gifts
"Bear Carving" iconBear Carving Gifts
"Quality Kerchief" iconQuality Kerchief Gifts
"Antler Earrings" iconAntler Earrings Gifts
"Playing Cards" iconPlaying Cards Gifts
"Lovely Candle" iconLovely Candle Gifts
"Large Plate" iconLarge Plate Gifts
"Spirit Gem" iconSpirit Gem Gifts
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