Yunaka Brodia

Basic Info

A thief encountered in a mountain settlement. She keeps a tight lid on the details of her past.

Growth Rates

Stat Base Growth Rate Max Stat
HP 25 50 0
Str 8 35 -1
Mag 5 25 0
Dex 14 40 1
Spd 12 45 2
Lck 8 25 -1
Def 9 15 -2
Res 7 45 2
Bld 5 5

Initial Class

"Thief" iconThief Covert
"Trained to Kill" iconTrained to Kill Personal

Innate Proficiencies


Support Partners

"Alfred" iconAlfred Firene
"Etie" iconEtie Firene
"Louis" iconLouis Firene
"Citrinne" iconCitrinne Brodia
"Zelkov" iconZelkov Elusia
"Goldmary" iconGoldmary Elusia
"Merrin" iconMerrin Solm
"Panette" iconPanette Solm
"Fogado" iconFogado Solm
"Seadall" iconSeadall Solm

Favorite Gifts

"Training Weight" iconTraining Weight Gifts
"Muscle Balm" iconMuscle Balm Gifts
"Sharp Chisel" iconSharp Chisel Gifts
"Poetry Book" iconPoetry Book Gifts
"Elyos History" iconElyos History Gifts
"Horn" iconHorn Gifts
"Utility Knife" iconUtility Knife Gifts
"Fancy Dagger" iconFancy Dagger Gifts
"Bandages" iconBandages Gifts
"Spirit Gem" iconSpirit Gem Gifts

Brodia items in Fire Emblem Engage (8)

"Diamant" iconDiamant"Amber" iconAmber"Jade" iconJade"Alcryst" iconAlcryst"Citrinne" iconCitrinne"Lapis" iconLapis"Yunaka" iconYunaka"Saphir" iconSaphir


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