Seadall Solm

Basic Info

A famous dancer of Solm. He is also a skilled fortune-teller and cultivates an aura of mystery.

Growth Rates

Stat Base Growth Rate Max Stat
HP 33 55 0
Str 12 25 0
Mag 4 15 -2
Dex 15 25 -1
Spd 16 50 2
Lck 11 35 2
Def 10 25 0
Res 10 25 0
Bld 8 10

Initial Class

"Curious Dance" iconCurious Dance Personal
"Dancer" iconDancer Qi Adept

Exclusive Classes

"Dancer" iconDancer Qi Adept

Innate Proficiencies


Support Partners

"Chloé" iconChloé Firene
"Amber" iconAmber Brodia
"Alcryst" iconAlcryst Brodia
"Citrinne" iconCitrinne Brodia
"Kagetsu" iconKagetsu Elusia
"Rosado" iconRosado Elusia
"Timerra" iconTimerra Solm
"Pandreo" iconPandreo Solm
"Yunaka" iconYunaka Brodia
"Veyle" iconVeyle Unaffiliated

Favorite Gifts

"Dried Meat" iconDried Meat Gifts
"Fairy-Tale Book" iconFairy-Tale Book Gifts
"Poetry Book" iconPoetry Book Gifts
"Elyos History" iconElyos History Gifts
"Strong Perfume" iconStrong Perfume Gifts
"Sun Visor" iconSun Visor Gifts
"White Clover" iconWhite Clover Gifts
"Horn" iconHorn Gifts
"Quality Kerchief" iconQuality Kerchief Gifts
"Antler Earrings" iconAntler Earrings Gifts
"Lovely Candle" iconLovely Candle Gifts
"Spirit Gem" iconSpirit Gem Gifts

Solm items in Fire Emblem Engage (7)

"Timerra" iconTimerra"Merrin" iconMerrin"Panette" iconPanette"Fogado" iconFogado"Pandreo" iconPandreo"Bunet" iconBunet"Seadall" iconSeadall


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