A Momentum Occasion

Unlock all Momentum Abilities as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood

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Game: Gotham Knights
Rarity: 0.50% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Grind, Story, Single Player, Combat

This page will provide details for earning the “A Momentum Occasion” achievement in Gotham Knights.

How to Complete the A Momentum Occasion Trophy/Achievement

To earn the A Momentum Occasion trophy/achievement, you’ll need to unlock all the “Momentum Abilities” for one of the heroes. There are eight altogether, but each character will have one unlocked from the start. This means that you only need to unlock seven of them. Access the main menu, head to the challenges tab, and find the Momentum Abilities card. At first, you’ll only have access to the first challenge, Guard Breaker.

Open the menu, go to Challenges, and find “Momentum Ability” to find out what challenges you have left to do.

Guard Breaker Challenge

For this challenge, you’ll need to defeat five Bulldozers who are a part of the Freaks Faction. These are the big guys with the large shields. You can find them almost anywhere you can find a group of Freaks, but your best bet to encounter them are the higher difficulty Premeditated Crimes which are committed by the Freaks. Once you defeat them, you’ll unlock the first Momentum Ability.

The Guard Breaker challenge will require you to defeat five Bulldozers.

Ferocious Challenge

This challenge won’t be available until you complete Case File 3.2 Chelsea Tunnel. The challenge itself is relatively easy as all you need to do is defeat 15 of the annoying Feral Talons. After Case 3.2, you’ll be able to find Court of Owls crimes around the world. Completing this challenge will unlock another Momentum Ability.

You can find Feral Talons in Owls Nests, this allows you to complete the above, and below challenges in one step.

The Shadowed Perch Challenge

Another challenge you won’t be able to unlock until you’ve completed Case File 3.2 Chelsea Tunnel. This will unlock Owl Nest crimes on the map, and you’ll need to complete two of these for the challenge. You can find Owl’s Nests by finding and interrogating members of the Court of Owls who’ll also appear around the map from this point on.

In Plain Sight Challenge

You won’t get this challenge until you reach Case File 4.2-“The Orchard Hotel”. In the mission, you’ll encounter new enemies, the League of Shadows Assassins. For the challenge, you’ll need to defeat five of these which you’ll complete while playing the mission.

Another two challenges can be completed by doing Case File 4.2 - The Orchard Hotel.

Case File 4.2 – The Orchard Hotel

This one will be automatically unlocked during the mission where you’ll have to find out about the elusive Court of Owls in the Orchard Hotel.

Side Stories

Not a challenge, but you will get one Momentum Ability for completing their Side Stories indicated by a colored bat icon on the map. Some of these will be in The Belfry, and won’t appear on the map.

Side Stories are indicated by this icon on the map. The color of the icon will change depending on which hero you are. Blue for Nightwing, Yellow for Batgirl, Green for Robin, and Red for Red Hood.

Unlock Knighthood

Finally, you’ll gain a powerful ability for completing the Knighthood trophy/achievement.


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