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How to Earn the Knighthood Achievement

Matt Chard

This page will provide details for earning the “Knighthood” achievement in Gotham Knights.

How to Complete the Knighthood Achievement/Trophy

To earn the Knighthood achievement/trophy in Gotham Knights, you’ll have to complete a few challenges. Open up the menu, and you will find three challenges that you’ll need to complete. These are all the same for each hero.

Go into the menu, and head to the Challenges category, and you'll find the Knighthood challenge sub category there.

Timed Strike Training

Complete Timed Strike Training - Go to The Belfry, and interact with the training equipment to enter the training menu. You will find Timed Strike training under the Advanced Training section. For this training you’ll need to practice attack timing to master Timed Strikes. As a melee strike is just about to land on the enemy, tap or hold the melee button to perform a timed strike. For Red Hood, his Timed Strikes will be ranged.

One Step Ahead

Stop 10 Premeditated Crimes - For this challenge you’ll need to complete crimes around the map denoted by the red crimes icon on the map. To unlock premeditated crimes, first, you’ll need information of when they are going down. This will require you to interrogate the perpetrators who are committing the smaller crimes around the map, which is denoted with a small white upside down triangle.

Against All Odds

Defeat three Minibosses - Self explanatory, defeat three minibosses. You will most likely complete this while you do the challenge above. Minibosses are the enemies like the Godmother, Shocker, Bulldozer, and the Gladiator Talon. If you have trouble completing this, do the harder difficult crimes which will have a more likely chance of one appearing or progress through the story as you’ll fight them throughout that.

Interact with the armor piece to the left of the exit in The Belfry for a cutscene to achieve Knighthood.

Final Step

Once you have completed the above challenges, head back to The Belfry headquarters, and interact with the armor pieces presented on the pedestals to the left of the exit. This will be denoted with your character icon. Once you interact with it, you’ll get a short cutscene, and reach Knighthood unlocking the achievement/trophy.

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