Practice Makes Perfect

Complete all 16 Training Area exercises

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Game: Gotham Knights
Rarity: 0.20% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Grind, Single Player, Combat

This page will provide details for earning the “Practice Makes Perfect” achievement in Gotham Knights.

How to Complete the Practice Makes Perfect achievement

A relatively simple achievement/trophy to unlock, although you will have to progress through the game to unlock some later challenges. You’ll need to complete all 16 training challenges that can be accessed by interacting with the training equipment on the left side of The Belfry. Once you’ve interacted with it, you’ll notice that there are three different categories, Basic, Abilities, and Advanced. Each of these will need to be completed to earn the achievement.

Interact with the training equipment situated on the left side of the room in The Belfry to start training.

Basic Training

There are seven challenges in this category, and these will be your generic learning how to play the game challenges. All of these challenges will be available from the start.

There are seven Basic Training Challenges to complete.

Challenge Description Unlock
Interrogation Learn how to interrogate criminals to gain new information. Available from the Start.
Grabbing Enemies Practice grab techniques, including attacking and throwing. Available from the Start
Stealth Practice Silent Takedowns and Ambush Takedowns. Available from the Start.
Combos Practice effective attack combos. Available from the Start.
Guard Break Practice breaking through a blocking enemy’s defenses. Available from the Start.
Ranged Attacks Practice fighting criminals from a distance. Available from the Start.
Smoke Bombs Practice using Smoke Bombs to escape combat. Available from the Start.

Abilities Training

There are five challenges in the Abilities Training section.

There are five challenges in this category, and these will help you learn how to use Momentum, the ability resource of the game. All of these challenges require you to complete Momentum Challenges which are:

  • Guard Breaker – Defeat 5 Freaks Bulldozers
  • Ferocious – Defeat 15 Feral Talons
  • In Plain Sight – Defeat 5 League Shadows Assassins
  • Shadowed Perk – Clear 2 Owl’s Nests

All of these will unlock as you progress through the story and encounter each of the factions with the latest faction being Case 6 for the Talons.

Challenge Description Unlock
Momentum Practice gaining Momentum in combat. Available from the Start.
Momentum Abilities: Guard Break Practice using Momentum Abilities with Guard Break to lower enemy defenses. Complete Momentum challenges under the Challenges category.
Momentum Abilities: Piercing Practice using Abilities with Piercing Damage to interrupt enemy Armored Attacks. Complete Momentum challenges under the Challenges category.
Momentum Abilities: Area of Effect Practice using Momentum Abilities on enemy groups. Complete Momentum challenges under the Challenges category.
Momentum Abilities: Damage Over Time Practice using Momentum Abilities that deal damage over time to exploit enemy weaknesses. Complete Momentum challenges under the Challenges category.

Advanced Training

Finally, you have Advanced Training. This category has four challenges, and it’ll teach you how to perform the more advanced techniques in the game such as Timed Strikes. These challenges will either require you to purchase the ability or reach Knighthood.

There are four challenges to complete in the Advanced Training section.

Challenge Description Unlock
Perfect Evade Practice dodge timing to master Perfect Evades and Perfect Attacks. Purchase the Perfect Evade ability in the Abilities Tree (1 AP).
Timed Strikes Practice attack timing to master Timed Strikes. Available from the Start.
Attack Chains Practice dodging vicious enemy combos. Purchase Abilities in the Ability Trees.
Fear Practice using Fear against Gotham’s criminals. Reach Knighthood, and complete all character side stories (indicated by your character icon).

There you have it, completing all 16 training challenges will grant you the “Practice Makes Perfect” achievement/trophy. If you need help completing any more, visit our Achievements section to find out more.


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