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The Man-Bat Family

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Game: Gotham Knights
Type: 15
Rarity: 0.23% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Grind, Story, Single Player, Combat, Exploration

To earn the The Man-Bat Family achievement/trophy in Gotham Knights, you must “Defeat 10 Man-Bats in Gotham City”.

You’ll need to hunt down ten Man-Bats to earn this achievement.

Man-Bats are minibosses that’ll start spawning throughout Gotham City after the main case file 7.2 - Talia al Ghul, which is pretty close to the end of the main questline. You need to defeat ten of these monstrosities to earn this achievement, but you fight several of them in the main questline:

  • You fight a Man-Bat at the end of the aforementioned 7.2 - Talia al Ghul.
  • During Case 8.1 - Dangerous Skies you’ll need to defeat three Man-Bats, one on top of the Elliot Center, one atop the Waynetech building and a third roosting on the roof of the Gotham City General Hospital.
  • You’ll face one more Man-Bat during Case 8.2 - The Lazarus Pit.

Following Case 7.2, Man-Bats will also start to spawn on other buildings - they generally like tall, flat-topped buildings, something Gotham City has no shortage of. Basically any sufficiently tall building with a suitable arena may spawn a Man-Bat, and if one is present you’ll see black smoke billowing from the roof of the building. This effect is unfortunately not incredibly overt from a distance, so you’re unlikely to spot a far-off Man-Bat spawn just by scanning Gotham’s skyline. You’ll need to go to their potential spawn-spots and search for them, using the aforementioned black smoke effect as an indicator only when you’re relatively close to the potential spawn site. Just wait on the roof where you see the smoke and a Man-Bat should appear after a moment.

Confirmed random Man-Bat spawns include (but are not limited to):

  • Elliot Center (Financial District)
  • Gotham City General Hospital (West End)
  • Unmarked building northeast of Foxteca (Otisburg)
  • Waynetech (Southside)

We suggest defeating the five Man-Bats during the main questline, then during the post-game freeplay, do patrols, search the aforementioned spots, and defeat the final five Man-Bats. Do not start New Game+, however, as this resets story progress - if you start New Game+ before getting this achievement you’ll have to play through the story again until at least Case 7.2 to cause more Man-Bats to spawn. That said, two playthroughs of the story might not be the worse thing in the world, especially if you need the XP to reach level 40 for the [He’d Be So Proud Of You] achievement.

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