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How to Defeat Man-Bat

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to defeat Man-Bat, the boss at the end of Case 7.2 Talia in Gotham Knights.

Batman…? No! It's Man-Bat, silly!

All Man-Bat Attacks

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of all of Man-Bat’s attacks. The Man-Bat is quite terrifying to behold but once you know his attack patterns, this fight is relatively straight forward. He only really has three main attack moves so once you’ve got those nailed, all that’s left to do is to whittle his health bar down. The biggest issue with this fight is that Man-Bat is pretty tanky, therefore the fight will take longer and it’ll leave you more vulnerable to getting caught out by his various attacks, which do pack a punch if he lands them.

As with most fights in this game, learning the attack patterns can do wonders for not just evading attacks but also landing powerful counterattacks if you manage a perfect dodge. Perfect dodging is all about timing, you need to hit the dodge button right as he’s about to hit then follow it up with a perfect attack to deal some extra damage! If you’re struggling with getting that timing right, don’t worry too much and just focus on dodging earlier and making sure you chip away at him whenever it’s safe to do so!

He’ll also occasionally have toxic/poison claws and mouth so watch out if he does catch you out as you’ll take damage over time. You’ll know he’s got toxic claws when there’s a green mist emanating from them!

The green mist shows his attacks will do toxic/poison damage!

Quick Claw Swipe Attack Combo

This will be his most frequent attack. During these attacks, he’ll swipe at you with one claw and immediately follow up with a second swipe with his other claw. Each time he swipes, his claws will be circled in red so you’ll be able to anticipate the attack and dodge accordingly. Man-Bat typically performs 3 to 4 attacks in quick succession using this swiping method, so be sure to have your finger on the dodge button to avoid getting caught out. If you get caught out, you’ll get knocked off your feet a little leaving you prone to further attacks!

Also make sure to dodge relatively wide because his wings can also knock you for a bit of damage as well!

Watch out when he starts swiping quickly!

Lunge Attack

During this attack, both of Man-Bat’s claws will be circled in red, indicating that he’s about to perform an attack using both of his hands. After a second or two, he’ll lunge forward to try to grab you. If you get caught he’ll knock you to the ground and bite at you, dealing a fair bit of damage. Luckily, since you can see his claws circled prior to the attack, you should have no problem just disengaging and watching him crash into the ground - letting you get in a couple of big hits whilst he recovers!

The tell tale signs are the red circles around both claws!

Aerial Spinning Charge Attack

A handful of times during the fight Man-Bat will fly away and return to the arena to perform a pretty powerful spinning charge attack. It’s easy to anticipate as he pauses for a moment when he returns to the boss arena and then charges. Dodging it is also easy as you just need to roll to the side! And although this attack can be tedious as he is basically untouchable for a few seconds whilst he’s flying out of range, when he crashes down after his spinning charge, you’ll be able to get in a few easy heavy melee attacks whilst he’s down!

Make sure to dodge that spinning lunge (and look cool doing it!)

Video Guide: How to Fight Man-Bat


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