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Acorn Bits Natural Resources


Edible morsels of an acorn for use in snacks.

These little pieces of delicious acorn crumbs can be used in a variety of meals and smoothies. Not only are they a useful resource, but they can also be used to quell your hunger in a pinch by restoring 10% of your hunger.

How to Find this Item

You can find "Acorn Bits" iconAcorn Bits primarily in the Oak Hill biome especially near the Oak Tree Lab although you can find them around the Grasslands, and even some of the other labs. Basically, anywhere you can find some acorns, acorn bits won’t be far away.

You can use Acorn Bits in the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Spaghetflea Gnatchos 2
Spaghetflea Mac N "Bee" iconBees 4
Spaghetflea "Spaghetflea" iconSpaghetflea 3
Boost Juice "Boost Juice" iconBoost Juice 1
Hedge Lord "Hedge Lord" iconHedge Lord 1

Used In

"Boost Juice" iconBoost Juice Smoothies
"Hedge Lord" iconHedge Lord Smoothies
"Spaghetflea" iconSpaghetflea Meals


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