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Aphid Honeydew Natural Resources


A sweet secretion from aphids that restores a small amount of hunger and thirst.

Often found left by "Aphid" iconAphids when they’re near Clovers, this sweet sticky substance is often used in making Smoothies. When you’re not using it in one of your favorite beverages, you can consume it to restore a small portion of your hunger, thirst, and health.

How to Find this Item

You can find "Aphid Honeydew" iconAphid Honeydew near Clovers in the yard. When an "Aphid" iconAphid goes near them, they often leave behind some honeydew.

When you place the Aphid Honeydew in a Smoothie Station with other ingredients you can craft the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Gastro Goo "Gastro Goo" iconGastro Goo 1
Hedge Lord "Hedge Lord" iconHedge Lord 1


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