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Flower Petal Natural Resources


A soft petal from one of the yard’s flowers. Smells like grandma.

This velvety "Flower Petal" iconFlower Petal is primarily used in the creation of the "Mint Mace" iconMint Mace, Ladybug Armor, and Lures.

How to Find this Item

Mostly gathered from Hosta Plants which can be found in the Flower Bed, south of the Pond. Although this is the most consistent way to obtain "Flower Petal" iconFlower Petals, they can also be found on the floor, normally dropping from flowers over time.

Once you have some Flower Petals, you can craft, but not limited to the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Berry Chair "Berry Chair" iconBerry Chair 2
Bounce Web "Bounce Web" iconBounce Web 3
Mysterious Machine Grinder 3
Ladybug Chestplate "Ladybug Chestplate" iconLadybug Chestplate 2
Ladybug Shin Guards "Ladybug Shin Guards" iconLadybug Shin Guards 4
Lure Arrow "Lure Arrow" iconLure Arrow (x5) 5
Mysterious Machine Lure Trap 2
Mint Mace "Mint Mace" iconMint Mace 5
Mysterious Machine "Pebblet" iconPebblet Turret 1
Mysterious Machine "Pollen" iconPollen Turret 1

Analyzing Flower Petals will unlock the following recipes: "Berry Chair" iconBerry Chair, "Bounce Web" iconBounce Web, and the Grinder.


Tier I

Interactive Map Markers

Flower Petal Locations

Location Map Marker
Flower Bed Map Pin
Northeast Grasslands 1 (south of the Pond) Map Pin
Northeast Grasslands 2 (south of the Pond) Map Pin
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