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Green Shield Bug Parts Natural Resources


An unidentifiable piece of a "Green Shield Bug" iconGreen Shield Bug.

How to Find this Item

Greenshield Bug Parts are an item that drops from Greenshield Bugs, which is a more dangerous version of the Stink bug model. These enemies are scattered around the top section of the map, with them lurking in the grassy areas. You can also find them are the Moldorc sites too.

Once you’ve gathered some Greenshield Bug Parts, you can craft the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
EverChar Torch "EverChar Torch" iconEverChar Torch 2
Sour Battle-axe Sour Battle-Axe 5

Analyzing the Greenshield Bug Parts will unlock the following recipes: "EverChar Torch" iconEverChar Torch.

Used In

"EverChar Torch" iconEverChar Torch Light
"Sour Battle-axe" iconSour Battle-axe Melee


Tier III

Interactive Map Markers

Green Shield Bug Locations

Location Map Marker
"Undershed" iconUndershed Deck Map Pin
Flower Bed (near wheelbarrow) Map Pin
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