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Grass Plank Natural Resources


Broad, flexible plank perfect for fortifications. Acquired by chopping down grass with an axe.

The "Grass Plank" iconGrass Plank is an extremely handy resource which can be used in the creation of the Workbench, although it’s primarily used in base-building, and décor recipes.

How to Find this Item

You can find "Grass Plank" iconGrass Planks by chopping down strands of grass with an axe. Once the grass has been chopped, you will have to pick up each individual plank, and take it to your base as they can’t be placed in your inventory. You’ll find strands of grass all across the yard, although your best bet would be the Grasslands as it’s in its name.

Once you’ve obtained some Grass Planks you can craft, but not limited to the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Mysterious Machine Workbench 2
Grass Floor "Grass Floor" iconGrass Floor 4
Grass Wall "Grass Wall" iconGrass Wall 4
Grass Door "Grass Door" iconGrass Door 3
Grass Stairs "Grass Stairs" iconGrass Stairs 4

Analyzing the Grass Plank will unlock the following recipes: "Grass Door" iconGrass Door, Grass Half Wall, Grass Half Wall Crenelated, "Grass Table" iconGrass Table, "Grass Wall" iconGrass Wall, "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber (Grinder), "Triangle Wall" iconTriangle Wall, "Windowed Grass Wall" iconWindowed Grass Wall, and the Workbench.

Used In

"Basketball Hoop" iconBasketball Hoop Athletics
"Grass Curved Door" iconGrass Curved Door Passages
"Grass Curved Floor" iconGrass Curved Floor Floors
"Grass Curved Wall" iconGrass Curved Wall Walls
"Grass Door" iconGrass Door Passages
"Grass Floor" iconGrass Floor Floors
"Grass Half Floor" iconGrass Half Floor Floors
"Grass Half Wall A" iconGrass Half Wall A Walls
"Grass Half Wall B" iconGrass Half Wall B Walls
"Grass Stairs" iconGrass Stairs Stairs
"Grass Table" iconGrass Table Furniture
"Grass Wall" iconGrass Wall Walls
"Normal Chair" iconNormal Chair Furniture
"Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber Natural Resources
"Sturdy Curved Wall" iconSturdy Curved Wall Walls
"Sturdy Wall" iconSturdy Wall Walls
"Triangle Floor" iconTriangle Floor Floors
"Triangle Wall" iconTriangle Wall Walls


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