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Helldivers 2

How to Unlock the Cool guys don't loo- AAAAH! Achievement - Helldivers 2

Shane Williams

There are 38 Achievements in Helldivers 2 and a lot of them require you to perform some unique tasks in order to unlock them, such as Cool Guys don’t loo-AAAH!, which requires you to fly 25 meters from the shockwave of an explosion. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to prepare for this trophy!

The Cool Guys Don’t Loo-AAAH! Achievement requires you to fly 25 meters from the shockwave of an explosion

Best Way to Unlock the Cool Guys don’t loo-AAAH! Achievement

This is another Achievement that may sound like an easy one to unlock (like Hold My Liber-tea ), but you’ll first need to prepare for it by making sure you have the necessary tools on hand to make this as simple as possible.

Unlock the Eagle Strafing Run

As with all Achievements in Helldivers 2, you’ll need the correct stratagems before you can attempt it. We’ve managed to bag this achievement via the explosion from an Eagle Strafing Run which is a default stratagem. However, you can always pull off the same tactic via the Eagle Airstrike and Cluster which can be purchased by visiting the Ship Management screen and scrolling down to the Hangar Category. These will require you to spend credits and reach a certain rank before you can unlock them and you can obtain these relatively quickly by grinding the single objective missions, such as the Upload Escape Pod Data on the Automatons Planet.

How To Fly 25 Meters From The Shockwave of an Explosion?

(1 of 2) Place the cluster bomb down,

Place the cluster bomb down, (left), and let the shockwave launch you across the map. (right)

Once you’ve acquired your stratagem of choice, we recommend that you dive into a “launch ICBM” mission and then head directly to the mission objective. From here, activate your stratagem and place it near the point of interest, then stay within the vicinity of the airstrike. The explosion should kill you but also knock you flying as a result which will make the Cool guys don't loo- AAAAH! achievement pop! If you aren’t being launched far enough, then we recommend standing on top of a hill or flying up into the air via the jump pack.

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Cool guys don't loo- AAAAH!

Fly at least 25 meters from the shockwave of an explosion.

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