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Helldivers 2

Controller vs Keyboard & Mouse - Helldivers 2

Ben Chard

Helldivers 2 is an ambitious, ridiculously fun shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios and as a first for a Sony console exclusive, it launched on both the PS5 and PC on the same day. For those of you on the PS5, you have little choice but to use a controller as you take on the Terminid and Automaton hordes but if you’re playing on the PC, you may ask yourself if using a controller or mouse and keyboard is a better way to play. Keep reading to hear our thoughts on what you should use.

It’s much easier to use a scoped weapon with a keyboard and mouse in Helldivers 2.

Should You Use a Controller or Keyboard and Mouse in Helldivers 2?

This is the burning question on everybody’s lips, what is the best control scheme? As with most things in life, this is a truly subjective answer and your preference may vary wildly based on your gaming habits. If you find yourself more of a console gamer, you’ll most likely gravitate toward using a Controller when playing Helldivers 2 as you’re already used to the control scheme.

On the other hand, if you do most of your gaming on a PC, odds are you’re well practiced at using a keyboard and mouse, especially as it often leads to a more accurate control scheme and the ability to more easily pull off flick shots.

So, what if you use both equally, you may ask? In our opinion, we feel a mouse and keyboard will give you the greater advantage when taking on the Terminid and Automatons. Helldivers 2 is a game where you’ll often find yourself overwhelmed with the enemy, and a quick retreat is often on the cards. A mouse and keyboard setup will allow you to fire at your pursuers more easily or open your stratagems and call for some aid while also on the move.

Using a Keyboard & Mouse for Helldivers 2

With Helldivers 2 being a shooter, using a keyboard and mouse will naturally give you more accuracy. As mentioned above, the ability to flick between targets is a big one, and you’ll often find yourself tackling threats from all directions. Additionally, despite having the option to fully rebind your controls with a controller too, there are simply more keys for you to make use of when using a keyboard & mouse, perhaps you’re playing another shooter regularly and want to emulate the control scheme you have there for better muscle memory.

Moving around with WASD and turning the camera gives you much greater control of your surroundings and you’ll notice the sensitivity options for the camera come into play much more with a mouse. This makes it easier to dash around the battlefield, picking off bugs and robots or calling down a well-placed Orbital Strike.

Finally, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to find a mouse with extra buttons than it is to purchase the more expensive controllers. This gives you access to more commands at any given time, especially if you rebind them to useful mechanics such as opening the Stratagems menu.

(1 of 2) You’ll be able to make better use of the sensitivity options when using a mouse

You’ll be able to make better use of the sensitivity options when using a mouse (left), while you can bind the Open Stratagem List option to a key that better suits your playstyle. (right)

Using a Controller for Helldivers 2

As with most PC games these days, Helldivers 2 supports most controllers on the market, and given that this is a Sony console exclusive, you may be forgiven for thinking that a controller is the way to go. The game offers a plethora of options in its settings, such as being able to change your sensitivities across the board along with being able to change your key bindings entirely. This is great for players who may want to change how they start inputting Stratagem codes while on the move.

We do feel that using a controller does give you better directional control, using an analog stick vs WASD, but that’s about where we would end our recommendations of using a controller over a keyboard and mouse when playing on PC.

Now that you have some better advice on what control scheme to go with when playing Helldivers 2, why not check out our Stratagem Codes page or learn what the Best Support Weapons are.

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