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Alexandra's Troll Infamous Foes


"Alexandra's Troll" iconAlexandra’s Troll is an Infamous Foe that can only be encountered during the Side Quest, Troll Control, found in "Brocburrow" iconBrocburrow and is the main objective of the Quest.

The battle itself is no different to any other Troll encounter you’ve probably faced many times throughout your adventure. Be sure to not get yourself cornered, look to dodge roll through his two unblockable pounds and then use the "Stupefy" iconStupefy Counter for any rock throws you spot. Alternatively, if you’re late game, you can just use "Avada Kedavra" iconAvada Kedavra if you learned it to instantly dispose of the Troll.


"Troll Bogeys" iconTroll Bogeys Creature Materials

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1. Hogwarts Legacy World Map

X: 3272 Y: 2754

Only available during the Side Quest, Troll Control in "Brocburrow" iconBrocburrow.

This Infamous Foe is Level 32.

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