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Moving On

Byron finds a new purpose

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Game: Lords of the Fallen (2023)
Steam AchievementsSteam
Rarity: 0.60% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Missable, Story

Players will need to complete Byron’s storyline, by finding him in the various areas of the game, featuring the Forsaken Fen & Sunless Skien. From the Sunless Skien, he will tell you about a missing amulet, which is in the Revelation Depths. To access this location, you need to enter the Cistern, and drain the water, and from there, you can enter the Depths. It is in the Depths you’ll find Winterberry, and get the amulet from her. Report back to Byron when you find it, and both Winterberry and Byron shall appear in Skyrest Bridge. Speak to them both and you should complete the quest and get the trophy.

Note you can fail the quest if you skip Revelations Depths, as Byron kills her to get the amulet back by the time to reach the Upper City Vestige location via the long elevator in the Cistern. If you do that, then you can find Winterberry’s body in the Revelation Depths, and then report back to Byron, which will force him to drop a few items where he gave his lover the pendant in the Manse, by a fence you can bypass near the Sin Piercer Archer with teh dogs along the outside pathway near the church.

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