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Light Fang Materials


A strange fang that looks heavy, but is surprisingly light.



Used In

"Ragged Ball" iconRagged Ball Usopp Factory


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Thunderheads Ruins Map

X: 2064 Y: 2608

Breakable with two "Light Fang" iconLight Fangs.

Marker screenshot

2. Nanohana Harbor & Desert Map

X: 3217 Y: 2354

In a pot outside on the northwest corner of the Spice Bean Tavern. Contains 3x "Light Fang" iconLight Fang’s.

3. Alubarna City Map

X: 2245 Y: 2393

On the level above the stall.

Marker screenshot

4. Water 7 Map

X: 2169 Y: 2583

Inside the barrel.

Marker screenshot

5. Tower of Law Map

X: 1786 Y: 2230

x3 in the barrel close to the stairs.

Marker screenshot

6. Dressrosa City Area Map

X: 3667 Y: 2727

In a barrel. Yields 6x "Light Fang" iconLight Fangs.

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