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Panic Stone Materials


A rock that seems to have a pattern of a human face on it. As there are many similar rocks. it’s not likely they randomly came to be this way.




Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Thunderheads Ruins Map

X: 2703 Y: 1910

Breakable with a "Panic Stone" iconPanic Stone.

Marker screenshot

2. Alubarna City Map

X: 2339 Y: 2457

In the box.

Marker screenshot

3. Water 7 Map

X: 2519 Y: 2335

Next to the barrel with the "Yaya Cube" iconYaya Cube in it.

Marker screenshot

4. Water 7 Map

X: 3641 Y: 2669

X2 inside the crate.

Marker screenshot

5. Water 7 Map

X: 2095 Y: 1733
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