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Power Gem Rock TM


The user attacks with a ray of light that sparkles as if it were made of gemstones.

LP to Craft

8000 LP

Crafting Resources / TM Materials

"Spoink Pearl" iconSpoink Pearl TM Materials
"Sableye Gem" iconSableye Gem TM Materials
"Mareep Wool" iconMareep Wool TM Materials

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Paldea Region Map

X: 11263 Y: 6977
Marker screenshot

2. Paldea Region Map

X: 8316 Y: 6927

Underground in Dalizapa Passage. Take the east path from the Pokémon Center and then turn left into another little path. It will be on a ledge inside the room with the "Lucario" IconLucario Tera.

Marker screenshot

3. Paldea Region Map

X: 9856 Y: 10490

On the highest rock in the area.

Marker screenshot

4. Paldea Region Map

X: 7686 Y: 8364

Inside Area Zero. On top of the crystals directly above Research Base 4. Requires Koraidon/Miraidon.

Marker screenshot

5. The Teal Mask Map

X: 4907 Y: 5359
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