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Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Mrs. Zurkon Boss Fight - Mama Zurkon

You have a very huge arena this time, as well as access to the Jetpack during the entire fight, so you will be able to move around a lot. You will definitely need that movement, as you should always be circling the boss. As usual, there are numerous spots to replenish your ammo and health, with the Nanotech crates not respawning.

Her attacks include:

- Spawning Zurkons
- Fire a blast of energy that homes in on Ratchet
- Shockwave if you get too close
- Erects a shield that she can fire at you

Once you damage her enough, Mrs. Zurkon will toss up a shield in front of her that looks like a beehive. This shield makes it so you can't damage her, plus she will also send out copies of the shield as projectiles, straight at you. To progress in the boss fight, you're going to need to destroy the shield, with the best weapon being the Pixelizer, which you should save solely for the shield.

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