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Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Captain Qwark Boss Fight - I'm Useless!

Captain Qwark is the penultimate boss in the game and can be pretty simple to fight. You have nothing to worry about, except for him, as there are no arena hazards nor any extra enemies thrown into the mix. The fight gets a little more complicated later on, but the battle is certainly easier than the other boss fights in the game.

His attacks include:

- Blaster shots
- Fusion Grenade that sends out a shockwave
- Groovitron (starting at 70% health)
- Warmonger that rains down missiles (starting at 70% health)
- Agents of Doom (starting at 40% health)

At around 70% or so health, Qwark will toss out a Groovitron, causing Ratchet to spin uncontrollably. Luckily, you can still move around and jump, but you aren't able to attack at all while spinning. Unfortunately, unlike your own weapon, Qwark's Groovitron doesn't stop on its own, so you'll need to wait until the ball drops to the ground and hit it while you're spinning, which will destroy it and turn Ratchet back to normal. Note that while the Groovitron is out, Qwark will still attack with everything he has access to in his repertoire.

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