Ratchet & Clank Video: Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Dr. Nefarious Boss Fight - Lawrence!

This particular fight can be quite challenging, as there is a lot going on and the arena is a bit unorthodox. You start out on a small platform, which will have a Nanotech crate on it, some ammo crates and a refueling station. Yes, you have your Jetpack in this battle and you will definitely need it throughout the whole battle. There are other platforms through the entire arena, which all contain the same as the above, with one little twist that will be mentioned later.

His attacks include:

- Rapid-fire blasts that track your movements
- Shockwave if you get too close
- Laser that sweeps across the screen
- Mines on platforms that suck you into them (Starting around 80%)
- Circular mines that home in on you (Starting around 40%)

In all, Nefarious starts out rather simple, but gets annoying and more complicated once you get his health to 80%. This will cause Nefarious to flying towards the dwarf star and start absorbing it, recovering his health by 10% before crashing onto the platform, becoming incapacitated for a few seconds. Note that if you get hit at all from when crashes onto the platform, you will be instantly killed, so it's best to fly off to either side of the platform until he lands. After a few second break, Nefarious will get up, split the platform in half and toss it into the star, essentially removing it from the arena.

That means you're going to need to relocate to another of the platforms, but there will be some company on them now. Three Warbots, all of whom have their own jetpacks, will be occupying each of the platforms around the arena now. So, you'll want to quickly fly to your next station and take out the Warbots, noting that some might respawn until Nefarious arrives.

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