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Further into the Unknown Main Missions

In-game Description

The Artifacts are now part of the collection.


“Further Into the Unknown” is a main mission in Starfield that involves the search for additional pieces of the Artifact.

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to Vladimir.
  2. Go to Procyon VI-B.
  3. Find the Artifact on Procyon VI-B.
  4. Go to B0DE.
  5. Find the Artifact on B0DE.
  6. Add the Artifacts to the Collection.
  7. Talk to Matteo.
  8. Talk to Vladimir.

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “Further Into the Unknown” mission automatically after completing “Starborn.” The mission becomes available at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, "Jemison" iconJemison in the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completion, the Artifacts become part of the collection, and the mission provides the following rewards:

9000 Credits
Trauma Pack (3)
"Heal Paste" iconHeal Paste (3)
750 XP

Mission Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Vladimir Sall, who will be in "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge after completing “Starborn.” Your interaction with him will trigger additional objectives that require you to travel to different planets. These planets may vary from playthrough to playthrough. Track the quest to mark your next location, then travel there. With the quest tracked, you should be able to follow your objective marker.

  2. Find the Artifact on Procyon VI-B:

    • Your quest marker may lead you to a facility guarded by Space Pirates. Navigate through the facility while pursuing the marker. The Artifact itself may be guarded by Starborn. Extract the Artifact and take it when you can reach it.
  3. Go to B0DE:

    • After obtaining the Artifact on Procyon VI-B, you’ll need to repeat the process on the second listed planet, B0DE, to obtain a second Artifact.
  4. Add the Artifacts to the Collection:

    • Once you have obtained both Artifacts, return to The Lodge to begin “"Power from Beyond" iconPower from Beyond.” Add your newly obtained Artifacts to the Collection.
  5. Talk to Matteo:

    • After adding the Artifacts, approach Matteo in The Lodge and speak to him. He will start to question their work. Be aware that if you agree with him, not everyone else will appreciate your answer.
  6. Vladimir will also want to speak with you to request a favor. He needs help with some repairs at "The Eye" iconThe Eye, which will aid in locating Artifacts further away. Agree to help him, and “Short Sighted” will begin shortly after your interaction.

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