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Final Glimpses Main Missions

In-game Description


"Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses” is a main mission in Starfield that requires you to inform your friends at "Constellation" iconConstellation about what you’ve learned regarding "Unity" iconUnity.

Mission Objectives

  1. Return to the Lodge.
  2. Talk to Vladimir.
  3. Obtain a Ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range.
  4. Go to "Cybele" iconCybele.
  5. Find the Artifact on Cybele.
  6. Go to "Freya III" iconFreya III.
  7. Listen to the Distress Signal.
  8. Complete “"Entangled" iconEntangled.”

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “"Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses” mission automatically after completing the “"In Their Footsteps" iconIn Their Footsteps” mission. This mission becomes available at "Oborum III" iconOborum III in the "Oborum Prime System" iconOborum Prime System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completing the mission, you will receive the following rewards:

Mission Walkthrough

"Final Glimpses" iconFinal Glimpses” is one of the three missions that unlock after completing “"In Their Footsteps" iconIn Their Footsteps.” The other two missions are “"Unearthed" iconUnearthed” and “"Missed Beyond Measure" iconMissed Beyond Measure,” and they can be completed in any order. After speaking to the Emissary in the previous mission, one of your objectives is to update your fellow "Constellation" iconConstellation members with your newfound knowledge about "Unity" iconUnity.

  1. Return to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis and talk to Vladimir to initiate a Constellation meeting. During the meeting, inform them about the Emissary and the reasons behind the "Starborn" iconStarborn’s pursuit of Unity. The meeting will conclude once you’ve shared this information.

  2. After the meeting, speak to Vladimir again. He will provide you with information about where to find the remaining Artifacts. The specific planet location you receive may vary between playthroughs, but each player will be directed to "Freya III" iconFreya III. Your task is to obtain a ship with a Grav Jump range of at least 21 Light Years to reach your destination.

  3. Acquire a ship that meets the 21LY Grav Jump Range requirement. Your Grav Jump range depends on factors like your ship’s Grav Drive, its mass, and your "Astrodynamics" iconAstrodynamics Skill. If your current ship doesn’t meet the range, consider purchasing a new one from any Ship Vendor.

  4. Begin by visiting the randomized planet mentioned by Vladimir to find one of the Artifacts. Follow the mission marker to reach a Spacer base where the Artifact is embedded within a "Caelumite" iconCaelumite deposit. Be prepared to confront an invisible Starborn who will appear before you can obtain the Artifact.

  5. Your next destination is Freya III, located in the "Freya System" iconFreya System. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a transmission from a nearby satellite. Nishina from the High Energy "Research Lab" iconResearch Lab requests immediate evacuation due to an explosion at the site. Listening to this transmission will trigger the start of the “"Entangled" iconEntangled” mission. Completing “Entangled” is a prerequisite for progressing in “Final Glimpses.”

  6. After completing “Entangled,” “Final Glimpses” will also conclude. If you haven’t done so already, complete “Unearthed” and “Missed Beyond Measure” to continue advancing the main storyline in Starfield.

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