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The Empty Nest Main Missions

In-game Description


"The Empty Nest" iconThe Empty Nest is a Main Mission in Starfield that tasks the player with joining an expedition led by "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe. Completing Missions in Starfield allows players to uncover the world and characters of the game. Players can engage in Main Missions to advance the main storyline or take on optional Side Missions to enrich the game’s lore and encounter unique NPCs, enemies, and bosses.

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe
  2. Travel to "Akila City" iconAkila City
  3. Talk to Sam
  4. Complete “"Job Gone Wrong" iconJob Gone Wrong
  5. Go to the Galbank Vault
  6. Search for the Maps
  7. Talk to Sam
  8. Talk to Jacob
  9. Talk to Sam
  10. (Optional) Talk to Jacob and persuade him
  11. (Optional) Talk to Jacob and have Sam distract him
  12. (Optional) Ask Cora for help
  13. Get the Maps
  14. Talk to Sam
  15. Travel to the Empty Nest
  16. Get the Artifact
  17. Leave the Hideout
  18. Deal with Shaw
  19. (Optional) Kill the Ashta
  20. (Optional) Talk to Shaw
  21. Return to the Lodge
  22. Add the Artifact
  23. Wait for Sam
  24. Talk to Sam

Unlock Requirements

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Mission Walkthrough

"The Empty Nest" iconThe Empty Nest is one of three missions that unlock after completing The Old Neighborhood. The other two are Into the Unknown and Back to Vectera, and they can be completed in any order.

  1. Start by speaking to "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe in the gardens of "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge. He will explain the expedition to "Akila City" iconAkila City on "Akila" iconAkila, where you aim to find another Artifact.

  2. Travel to Akila in the "Cheyenne System" iconCheyenne System and land at Akila City after being scanned by the Freestar "Ranger" iconRangers.

  3. Speak to Sam again by the city entrance to learn more about your mission. He becomes your companion for this mission.

  4. Your first task is to visit the GalBank vault to find maps made by one of Sam’s ancestors. On the way, you’ll be informed about a bank robbery and have the opportunity to help.

  5. Complete the Faction Mission “"Job Gone Wrong" iconJob Gone Wrong” to progress. Then, return to the bank and head to the vault’s lower level. Find the storage locker containing the Note for Sam, which reveals Jacob Coe’s involvement.

  6. Speak to Sam, and if desired, persuade him to reveal Jacob’s identity. Succeed in persuasion by earning 4 "Persuasion" iconPersuasion ‘points’ through dialogue choices.

  7. Follow the quest marker to the "Coe Estate" iconCoe Estate to confront Jacob, who is reluctant to give up the maps.

  8. Choose one of three options: persuade Jacob, have Sam distract Jacob, or ask Cora to help convince Jacob to surrender the maps.

  9. If you persuade Jacob, get the key to the room with Solomon’s Maps. Retrieve the maps and proceed.

  10. Sam deduces that the Artifact is in a cave within Shaw Gang territory, also on Akila. Follow the quest marker to the Empty Nest but be cautious due to turret defenses.

  11. In the Empty Nest, you can deactivate or calibrate the turrets for protection. Proceed, defeating Shaw Gang members on your way.

  12. Enter the cave and defeat the Shaw Gang members guarding it. One of them holds the Shaw Gang Cave Key to unlock the gate ahead.

  13. Inside the cave, collect another Artifact, Artifact Chi. You’ll experience visions but remain conscious this time.

  14. Leave the hideout with Sam after obtaining the Artifact.

  15. Shaw confronts you as you exit. You can persuade her to back off peacefully or choose to help the Shaw Gang deal with an Ashta.

  16. Return to the Lodge, place the Artifact, and attend the "Constellation" iconConstellation meeting to complete the quest. Sam becomes an unlockable Companion.

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