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The Old Neighborhood Main Missions

In-game Description

We’ve added the Artifact to the collection and Sarah has offered to keep travelling with me in the future.


"The Old Neighborhood" iconThe Old Neighborhood is a Main Mission in Starfield. This mission involves searching for another Artifact during your first assignment with Sarah. Completing missions allows players to explore the world and delve deeper into the characters and lore of Starfield. Sarah has requested a discussion about your inaugural mission.

Mission Objectives

  1. Talk to Sarah.
  2. Talk to Sarah’s Contact.
  3. Inquire about Moara in "Cydonia" iconCydonia.
  4. Travel to "Venus" iconVenus.
  5. Talk to Sarah.
  6. Examine the Satellite.
  7. Visit "Nova Galactic Staryard" iconNova Galactic Staryard.
  8. Speak with Sarah.
  9. Dock with "Nova Galactic" iconNova Galactic Staryard.
  10. Find any clues about Moara.
  11. Head to "Neptune" iconNeptune.
  12. Approach the Ship.
  13. Evade Fire.
  14. Damage Moara’s Ship.
  15. Dock with Moara’s Ship.
  16. Clear Moara’s Ship of Hostiles.
  17. Talk to Moara.
  18. Retrieve the Artifact.
  19. Return to the Lodge.
  20. Add the Artifact.
  21. Wait for Sarah.
  22. Talk to Sarah.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

  • 9500 Credits
  • 400 XP

Mission Walkthrough

  • "The Old Neighborhood" iconThe Old Neighborhood” begins immediately after the conclusion of “"One Small Step" iconOne Small Step.” Sarah suggests exploring "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis and interacting with other "Constellation" iconConstellation members. However, you can initiate “The Old Neighborhood” by speaking with her right away. She shares that she received a tip from a contact in the "United Colonies" iconUnited Colonies "Vanguard" iconVanguard and asks for your company to the UC Vanguard recruiting office. Sarah becomes your follower after this conversation.

  • The UC Vanguard office is located in the "MAST District" iconMAST District. Follow the quest marker to the MAST building and interact with "Commander John Tuala" iconCommander John Tuala at the reception desk. You can also engage in the Faction Mission “"Supra et Ultra" iconSupra et Ultra” by signing up with him, but to progress this quest, opt to discuss Constellation business. Commander Tuala directs you to Moara, a UC Vanguard volunteer stationed on "Mars" iconMars. Since Mars is in the "Sol System" iconSol System, you’ll need to travel there from the "Alpha Centauri System" iconAlpha Centauri System.

  • Upon reaching Mars space, your ship undergoes a contraband scan by a United Colonies Ship. Once cleared, land at "Cydonia" iconCydonia on Mars. Follow the quest marker to the Central Hub and enter the Broken Spear Bar. Engage with the bartender, "Jack" iconJack, to inquire about Moara. Jack informs you that Moara hasn’t been seen recently. He claims that Moara has an outstanding tab, offering his assistance in exchange for payment. Sarah intervenes, reducing the price for information, and you can further persuade Jack to provide the information for free.

  • If persuasion is attempted, you have three attempts to accumulate 4 "Persuasion" iconPersuasion points. Potential persuasive statements include:

    • “Every minute that passes he could be in danger.” (+6)
    • “What matters to you more, the money or Moara’s life?” (+2)
    • “We could be the only ones that can find him.” (+2)
  • Whether you pay Jack or persuade him, he discloses that Moara was last headed to "Venus" iconVenus, a short journey within the same star system. Upon reaching Venus, navigate cautiously through asteroids while avoiding detection by the Va’ruun Zealot Ships. The game offers guidance on minimizing ship system power to evade detection. Proceed slowly to the Satellite Beacon and listen to Moara’s transmission, which indicates his journey to the "Nova Galactic Staryard" iconNova Galactic Staryard.

  • The "Nova Galactic" iconNova Galactic Staryard floats in "Luna" iconLuna space, also within the Sol System. Sarah advises caution when boarding the staryard, and you’ll receive a brief tutorial on docking and boarding starstations and ships. Once ready, board the Nova Galactic Staryard and enter the main staryard.

  • Within the staryard, you’ll encounter several Spacers. Follow the quest marker to the Control Room and ascend the stairs to the upper level. Continue up the next set of stairs into the Workroom. The left door requires lockpicking but contains a storage crate. Proceed to the right, descend the stairs into a cargo bay, and follow the quest marker to locate Vanguard Moara’s Slate. This discovery reveals that Moara intends to lure the Spacers to "Neptune" iconNeptune to deal with them.

  • Upon reaching Neptune, a lone drifting spaceship draws your attention. As you approach, you receive comms from "Moara Otero" iconMoara Otero, requesting assistance with mercenaries who have hijacked his ship. Disable the ship’s engines to enable boarding. Engage the Spacers, and the quest marker updates with each Spacer defeated.

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