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Rosie Tannehill Crew Member


"Rosie Tannehill" iconRosie Tannehill is a potential crew member you can invite to join your team in Starfield. You can find Rosie in "Akila City" iconAkila City, where she is actively seeking employment. Rosie’s skill set is primarily focused on providing support and healing, making her an invaluable asset for enhancing survivability during your adventures. She is a for-hire companion, and you can enlist her services by paying credits.

Rosie offers two essential skills:

If you find yourself in challenging combat situations and are struggling to stay alive, recruiting Rosie Tannehill can be a wise choice. Moreover, you have the opportunity to persuade her to join your crew at half the initial cost of 12,000 credits.


To recruit "Rosie Tannehill" iconRosie Tannehill in Starfield, you can hire her for the standard fee of 12,000 credits. Alternatively, you can attempt to persuade her to join your crew for a reduced fee of 6,000 credits. To increase your chances of successful persuasion, consider using items like "Sparkling Wine" iconSparkling Wine and "Astral Lounge Charmwear" iconAstral Lounge Charmwear.

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