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Supervisor Lin Crew Member


"Supervisor Lin" iconSupervisor Lin is an essential character you’ll encounter in Starfield, initially serving as your commanding officer at Argos Extractors, where your journey begins before being recruited into the "Constellation" iconConstellation under the leadership of "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan. While she won’t be immediately available for recruitment, you’ll have the opportunity to invite her to join your crew after completing certain missions.

Supervisor Lin may possess only two skills, but they are unique and valuable in their own right. Her skills include:

  • "Outpost Management" iconOutpost Management - Rank 3: This skill significantly increases the capacity limit for crew members that can be assigned to outposts. This makes Supervisor Lin an excellent choice for optimizing the efficiency of your outposts, ensuring they operate at their full potential.

  • "Demolitions" iconDemolitions - Rank 1: Supervisor Lin’s expertise in demolitions enhances your grenade usage by displaying a trajectory arc, making it easier to aim. Additionally, it increases the radius of grenade explosions by 25%, providing you with a tactical advantage in combat situations.

Supervisor Lin excels in outpost management due to her Rank 3 Outpost Management skill. If you are focused on maximizing the efficiency of your outposts, she is a valuable addition to your crew.


To recruit "Supervisor Lin" iconSupervisor Lin in Starfield, you can do so during the “"Back to Vectera" iconBack to Vectera” mission. As you return to Argos Extractors to help decipher a distress call, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Supervisor Lin and extend an invitation for her to join your crew.

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