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Sticky Fingers

Open All Safes

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Game: The Last of Us Part I
PlayStation TrophiesPSN
Type: Silver
Rarity: 28.10% (Uncommon)
Tags: 100% Completion, Exploration

This Trophy will require you to find all Safes which are scattered throughout the world in The Last of Us: Part 1. Below you’ll find them in the following locations:

The Outskirts Safe Location

You can find the Safe in the store on the right of the underground.

The first safe you’ll stumble across is in the Downtown portion of The Outskirts. Simply progress through the Goldstone building until you reach the underground, then sneak into the shop on the right to find the Safe under the counter. Input the combination 3-43-78 to unlock it and collect the Parts x50 from inside.

Bills Town Safe Location

You can find the safe next to a red pickup truck.

Progress into the game some more until you reach Bills Town: The Woods , then make your way to the street. From here, follow the path ahead and you’ll find the safe sitting next to a red pickup truck. Input the combination 5-17-21 and collect Parts x50, Rifle Ammo x3, and Supplements x10 from inside.

Pittsburgh Hotel Safe Location

You can find the safe behind the Hotel Lobby counter.

Continue on until you reach the Pittsburgh Hotel Lobby, then from the starting area look behind the right to find the safe. Input the combination 22-10-56 and collect Explosives x1, Parts x50 and the Shiv Reinforcement Training Manual from inside.

Suburbs Safe Location

You can find this safe in the bedroom.

Finally, play through the story until you reach the Suburbs, then enter the last building before you have to drop down into an open area to find the safe in a bedroom. Input the combination 8-21-36 and collect Supplements x10, Parts x50 and Shorty Ammo x4 from inside.

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