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Rikoka Hills Well Surface Well


You can find the NPC named Moza in the "Rikoka Hills Well" iconRikoka Hills Well, who is able to transform any "Dubious Food" iconDubious Food or Hard-rock Food into "Monster Stew" iconMonster Stew for 10 rupees. The Ultimate Dish side quest can be started here, which you can learn more about on our quest page: The Ultimate Dish Guide - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Detailed Location(s)

The "Rikoka Hills Well" iconRikoka Hills Well can be found on the southern tip of the "Lanayru Wetlands" iconLanayru Wetlands, in the eastern part of the Surface Map.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Surface Map

X: 12311 Y: 11046

You can find "Arrow" iconArrows, "Sticky Lizard" iconSticky Lizards, and a character named Moza down this well, who you can speak with to begin the quest “The Ultimate Dish?”

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