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As you approach the settlement you should notice a shining Ancient Alabaster Ibex to the left of the wooden gate. To the right of the wooden gate are some wooden beams that you can climb to reach the roof. Jump over the crumbled wall to the next roof, where you’ll fall down and can grab the Coin of the Qataban Kingdom .

Get the treasure by the main gate (left) and in the room you fall into (right).

Head outside the building to a well and make your way down and then squeeze through the small path. Unfortunately the water is polluted so you’ll need to keep moving by hoping up the wall to the left of the gap and climbing out the top of a different well. Head straight and just before you take the stairs up turn around to spot the Antique Silver Linked Bracelet hiding behind you.

Make sure to get the treasure (left) before breaking through the door for a fight (right).

When you break down the door you will find yourself in a gun fight with no gun. Wait for an enemy to come close and melee him to safely get a weapon and then take out the enemies with ease by using the cover provided and moving around the area to avoid fire from behind. Once you clear the area head for the opening at the back of the plaza for a scene. Kill the guy who knocked you into the pit and then run to the area underneath him for the Antique Agate Wedding Ring .

Copy the enemies tactic by shooting the red planks on the other column to climb out of the pit, but be careful because as soon as you reach the stairs an enemy will begin to fire on you. Quickly kill him and continue, killing a sniper, and then check the left side of the room for the Silver and Cornelian Necklace .

Get the treasure in the pit (left) and then in the room with the sniper (right).

When you hop up into the next area you’ll trigger more enemies, but you can actually hop back down and use the wall for cover. Grab the Tau Sniper and take out the enemies at a safe distance, but watch out for the riot shields getting too close. Once you clear the area head toward the far side and check the alcove to the left for the Ancient Sabaean Bust .

There’s a tresaure in the alcove (left) and another below the balcony (right).

Exit the back of the area a squeeze through the gap and then hop the railing, but make sure to check the back right corner for the Ancient Kingdom of Sheba Coin .

As you enter the next area an RPG will create a dead end behind you with a turret shooting down at you. Shoot the red marked column to bring down the truck and allow you to move around the area and take out the rest of the enemies. Watch out for the RPG guy at the back of the area on top of a truck, as well as the two heavily armored enemies with machine guns.

Eliminate the supports to deal with the turret (left) and make sure to get the treasure in the back right of the area (right).

Before heading toward the main gate at back area, turn right and check an alcove to find the Antique Bedouin Bracelet on an overturned bookcase.

If the main gate hasn’t already been blown up, use the RPG in front of the gate to do so and allow you to climb the ladder on the other side. There are way too many enemies for Drake to deal with so wait it out for a scene and then watch what follows. Eventually you’ll gain control of the horse and you’ll need to follow your rescuers while taking out the snipers. When the man mentions the RPG get ready to grab it and shoot open the final gate to complete the chapter.

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