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Stick close to Sully and use the UP button to spot your escape in the nearby wall. Walk over to the wall and boost Sully up before jumping up yourself and then run for your life. You’ll be running toward the camera, but luckily there are no gaps in the floor to have to worry about until the final jump with the camera behind Drake’s back.

After making it to safety drop into the nearby hole and head to the right and out the window. Climb the wall and back eject onto the chandelier. Circle around the outside of the chandelier and jump to the opposite wall and climb up to the ceiling, pulling it down to make a path for Sully. Instead of following Sully, turn right and follow the path up and around the gap to doorway that leads to the Gold and Pearl Stickpin .

Climb across the chandelier (left) to drop the ceiling and reach the treasure above (right).

Follow Sully up the ramp and drop into the hole on the other side to spot more of Marlowe’s men. Head down the broken hallway, shimming down before jumping to the other wall and take out the men that pop out. Hop over the beam and continue to the other side of the hall and pull yourself up. You can now lower the beam for Sully to cross and then watch his back as he crosses.

When you head back the way you came you’ll need to watch out for the men firing from above. Although boosting to the level above fails, the fire will burn a hole in the wall to create a passage with enemies on the other side. Follow the path down the stairs and into the hall where you fall through the floor. You’ll need to shimmy across the beam and then jump up on the wall and climb up and around to swing over to Sully. At the top of the grand staircase you’ll need to deal with a brute and more enemies on the level below.

Climb the environment to escape (left) and fight the enemies on the way (right).

Head down the staircase to the lobby, where more men will pop out, and then follow Sully to a ledge that you can climb up. Head for the door, which collapses, and then walk toward the gap in the floor that Sully points out for a short scene.

Climb up the stairs until Drake gets caught and then focus on shooting the enemies while Sully pulls you free. A few more steps and the staircase will collapse, forcing you to jump the gap and shimmy over to the stairs that Sully is waiting on. The stairs aren’t done collapsing yet and this time you and Sully will be in danger, but just keep moving right and then help Sully up. After the scene climb up the remaining stairs to finally leave the staircase.

Cover Sully while he helps Drake (left) and then save Sully before he falls (right).

Drop from the attic room and take cover behind the bathtub to take out more of Marlowe’s men. You’ll need to fight through multiple areas with more men, who don’t seem to care that the building is burning down around them, and then use the ceiling to reach the attic and climb the ladder to the roof. It’s time to run for your life, but be careful with your jumps so that the ground doesn’t crumble below you in mid-air. Soon you will slide down the roof side and have to jump to a pipe to complete this chapter.

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